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About Us

We are a Silicon Valley  software development company a

We are a team of inventors, software developers, an patent lawyers
We are building the product to serve our own need. And we see it can be helpful to you too

Provisional Patent Builder

A provisional application is the first step in patent application in the United States. It is low-cost and does not ...
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Utility Patent Builder

Filing a Utility Patent Application is the ultimate step in obtaining a patent. While the provisional patent application establishes a ...
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Patent Analyzer

PatentAnalyzer® is a Word-based software that helps lawyers draft high-quality patent applications with ease.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What are the criteria of patentability?

    A: An invention to become patentable subject matter must be directed at one of the four patent-eligible subject matter categories: process, machine, manufacture, or composition of ...

  • Q: Must I apply on-line with the Patent Office?

    A: The US Patent Office has put in place an online filing system for patent application and if you don’t file electronically, the PTO charges paper ...

  • Q: How can I apply for a patent?

    A: A patent application can be filed with the US Patent Office either with complete specification or with provisional specification along with government fee. In case ...

  • Q: Who can apply for a patent?

    A: A patent application can be filed either by the true inventor(s), or the legal representative of any deceased person. The inventor(s) can then assign the ...

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